This photo of a general store (handelsbod) in Sweden was found in my aunt's photo album and I have my cousin's permission to show it here and discuss it. We both love the photo. Unfortunately there is no date associated with it. The service personnel appear to be dressed in black tie and the children in some sort of school uniform perhaps. There seem to be milk pails, pots, pans, hanging brushes and lids on display. I looked at the photo in a mirror and saw that the sign on the glass pane above the door in the back says "Oscar Hofvander," so there is a lead.  What is that contraption under the light on the left? A coat hanger maybe?
And what is this machine? At first we thought it was a coffee grinder, but one would have to stand on a ladder to load it. Does anyone know? Yes, we have an answer....see the Comment below.
What we thought were bottles on the shelf on the right turned out to be a whole lot of mortars and pestles! And the machine at their right is what? My cousin thinks it is a scale. I now think it looks like a meat grinder. What do you think?

So what about Oscar Hofvander himself? I thought maybe this store was in Uppsala as that's where my grandmother lived. Maybe it was. My grandmother's sister married a son of Oscar Hofvander.



03/11/2014 3:05pm

Hej Christina!
Thanks for your interesting email.
Theodor Hofvander was ironmonger in Uppsala. Beside many things he sold machines like that on the counter. It is a separator that was used to seperate the cream from the milk.
I have not looked into Theodors children but I will do that later on now when you have brought it up. Very interesting!

Best regards


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