One of my Swedish great-grandfathers got the King's Medal from Oscar II in the late 1800s for work he did on restoring a major church. You see him here.

The other great-grandfather got the Order of the Vasa, presumably for work he did with the Swedish Railways.

Can any Swedes or other experts tell me which would have been considered a greater honor?

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Göran Svanborg
04/04/2014 7:11am

The Swedish king have four diffrent ordens to give to people who have done something remarkable.
Serafimerorden, Svärdsorden, Nordstjärneorden och Vasaorden.
You can read about them here:
Hälsningar Göran

04/04/2014 10:05am

Hi Göran, Thanks for the link about the various Orders and medals the Swedish king bestows. It looks like whoever gets them has done some service for Sweden. So commoners could receive them. Do you know whether the king gave medals and Orders to the nobility just because they were nobility, or did they have to earn them? Thanks, Nina


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